Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Hot One!

According to this morning's weather report today was to be the hottest day of the week and once again they were correct. Hey those weather guys, and gals, are getting pretty good at predicting the weather around here lately!

Well I learned my lesson yesterday; I started today's ride a bit earlier before it got really hot. Jackie and I left for our ride at 9:30 AM with an outside temperature of 78 degrees! We got a 30 mile ride in stopping at an espresso stand about 23 miles into our ride to replenish our water bottles and enjoy a tall cold glass of iced green tea and to eat our sandwiches that we packed. We had a good ride but the sun was starting to get to us by noon. Luckily we finished before it got even hotter. We finished at 12:30 and stopped at Subways for lunch. Temperature when we finished was 92 degrees!

Low front moving in tonight bringing cooler air and I hear thunder in the distance right now!

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