Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cool Morning Ride

Joe and I had a pretty good ride this morning. We had gray clouds and wind but no rain. The high was only 54 degrees. It actually was a great day for a ride.

We rode through Black Diamond, Ravensdale, and the Maple Valley area. We saw many other cyclists out on the road too. We began slow, to help our legs warm up and then we picked it up. We were averaging between 21 and 24 mph on the flats. This route had many many hills which brought our average speed down but we didn't care we were just out enjoying the day and our ride. It felt like an autumn day. I think summer is over.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Gray Clouds and Wind But I Beat the Rain!

I wanted to get an early ride in today but other things popped up all morning long. Finally at 1:30 I got the opportunity and off I went. The noon weather report said rain this afternoon and looking at the clouds I agreed that yes indeed it was going to rain. They were big, gray, and fat! Probably filled with rain! And the wind was really strong too. The clouds were moving right along. I could see spots of blue but then the gray clouds would blot it out. I wanted to get 30 miles in but at mile 10 the clouds were getting darker and the wind was really starting to blow. I decided to turn around and head back. Right into a headwind. Even though the return ride was all downhill I had to pedal hard to maintain my speed. I made it back. It never rained. It's still cloudy and windy but still no rain. Probably later this evening. Oh well I did get 20 miles. Better than nothing!

I did notice on today's ride leaves all over the trail and road. Autumn?! Already?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Ride

Joe and I left at 8:30 AM for a beautiful late summer morning ride. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out, the sky was clear, and the air was chilly. But we knew that within 5 minutes we would be nice and warm so we left our jackets at home and endured the 5 minutes of shivering. We got 30 miles in before arriving back home. This is what weekends are all about!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August Recap

August was a crazy month for me. In July I rode almost every day. It was wonderful! But August was an entirely different month, cycling wise. On August first Joe and I left for his home town of Havre, Montana to attend his mom’s 90th birthday celebration. We drove the entire way in one day. A 13 hour drive not including rest, meal, and gas stops. We brought along our bikes thinking we might get an opportunity to do some riding while visiting but it did not work out that way. Instead we sat and visited with all of Joe’s brothers, sister, and relatives and talked and ate and ate and talked. It was good to see everyone but I missed my daily ride. Oh well sometimes you have no control and just have to live with it. We stayed through Tuesday and decided since we did not get any cycling done while in Montana we would stop in Idaho and ride the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes. A great plan but my back thought otherwise. With all the sitting in the truck and sitting in Montana my back went out. I was in pain and we had to forgo our ride on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes and get me home asap. Perhaps next year.

The birthday girl!
We pulled into our driveway on Wednesday afternoon and I called my chiropractor immediately. I saw him on Wednesday and Friday. I did a lot of stretching and icing on my back and I was beginning to feel like my good old self again. Just in time for my flight to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

My daughter and I flew back to Pittsburgh to visit my parents and siblings. We were there for ten days. We also drove to Sandusky, Ohio to visit my niece. Jackie and I did a lot while in Pittsburgh. We went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, to Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Zoo, and the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History. We went out to eat with my parents and with my brother. We were on the go from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.
The weather was hot and humid. Jackie and I were not used to it and it did take a lot out of us.
My nieces private beach on Lake Erie.

Cedar Point in the distance from niece's beach.

My dad, my mom, and my daughter at Carnegie Museum.

Baby elephant with her mom at Pittsburgh Zoo.

We returned home to Seattle on Wednesday, August 20th. As much as I enjoy going home to visit my family it still feels wonderful coming back to your own home. We returned to rain. So I did not get to ride my bike immediately, I had to wait until this morning.

It was beautiful today. Sunny, clear, and warm; it feels more like an autumn day then a summer day. Joe and I got up early so that we could get our ride in before he had to go to a meeting at 1 PM. We left the house at 7:30 AM and finished at 10 AM. We started with our jackets on but after 5 minutes we were warm enough to remove them. The back country roads where we usually ride were deserted and we had the roads all to ourselves. Mount Rainier was out as were the local farm animals that we passed. We rode by fields of corn and other crops. It was a good ride. After almost three weeks without a ride it felt wonderful to be back on my bike again.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Easy Ride

Joe and I went for a leisurely 15 mile ride this afternoon around 4 p.m. We just returned from Montana on Tuesday. After a 13 hour drive to Montana on Friday and then sitting around all weekend long visiting family I was ready to ride today. And it felt great! I hope to get two more rides in this weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday before I fly east to visit my folks. I'll be with them for 10 days. 10 days of zero riding!