Friday, June 27, 2008

First Ride On My New Bike!

Last night my local bike shop called to tell me that my new bike was in. Joe and I drove to the shop to pick her up! She is beautiful! Peter, the bike shop owner, gave me a great bike fitting. My bike feels like it's a part of me. I couldn't wait to ride her.

This morning I woke up and Joe took a picture of Ruby, my name for her, and me. Finally around 3:30 I was able to get my ride with Ruby in. And it was a wonderful ride too. I left my front door and took off! I cruised around my neighborhood and then around Lake Tapps. Here are some pictures of Ruby and me on our ride this afternoon:

This is Ruby. She is a Specialized Ruby Expert Compact.

Ruby with Mount Rainier in the background.
Mount Rainier overlooking Lake Tapps.

Boat launch on lake.
The local news truck pulled into the boat launch area just as I arrived. I guess they are doing a feature on the lake and this beautiful day! The boat launch was busy. The line for the launch was long!

Ruby and I did 17 miles this afternoon. She rides so smooth and sweet. I love her!

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