Sunday, March 09, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend Cascade Bicycle Club had their annual Bike Expo in Seattle. For the first time ever it was held in the Princess Cruise Lines Terminal 30 just south of Safeco Field. Joe and I went on Saturday. We had a great time browsing and looking at all the bikes, clubs, rides, gear, and accessories. We came home with a lot of fliers and brochures with great information on rides that we would love to participate in this spring, summer, and fall. I also found some bargains at the bike expo, two marked down women cycling jerseys, one of which was a Discovery Channel jersey. I always wanted one. The price yesterday at the bike expo was just too good to pass up so I scooped it up!

Today, Sunday, Joe and I had planned on riding one of our favorite routes near Black Diamond but Joe's back was bothering him. So instead of Joe and me riding our Black Diamond loop I went out alone and did one of my favorite summer time rides. I started straight from my house. I got 36.59 miles in and had a great ride. I'm glad I went. I really can't aford to miss a weekend ride. I have my big event this July and I really need to get out every weekend and increase my mileage. My weekend ride will be my long rides. My weekday rides will be my shorter rides.

Today was cloudy, with an occasional sun break but the temperature was mild. Almost 60 degrees! Perfect for riding. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to return. If so instead of an after work ride I may go to the gym and do some weights. I haven't been doing weights lately and I really need to keep up with this too.

Well that was my weekend. Oh yes one more thing, we turned our clocks ahead and I love the extra daylight at the end of the day but I am going to hate tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off for work!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Great Weekend! Two Rides!

Yesterday Joe and I went to Banner Forest and had an awesome time mountain biking. Today we enjoyed a wonderful road ride on some of the most beautiful back roads in the area. The sun was out and the temperature was in the upper 40s. The sun made it feel a lot warmer. What a weekend. Sad to see it end!