Saturday, February 19, 2011

First P-12 In the Bag!

Today I did my first 100k to earn my Randonneur P-12 Award. To earn your P-12 award you have to complete twelve consecutive 100k rides. One per month to earn it. Today's ride was a little over 100k it was 104K. The route I chose for my first P-12 ride was "Southern Exposure" which started in Kent continued to Green Valley, up to Black Diamond, to Ravensdale, onto the Cedar River Trail, into Renton, returning back into Kent. It was a sunny blue sky day but it was also a cold windy day. Starting temperature was 32 degrees with a nasty headwind the entire ride. There were also three big climbs and a lot of rollers on this course. Needless to say I was exhausted when I finished. One down and eleven more to go.

Joe was waiting for me and we went to Pete's BBQ for dinner.

First control at Green Valley Meats.
Finish at Safeway in Kent.