Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enumclaw Hills

Today Joe and I rode through Enumclaw's back country. It was a great day. Warm and dry. The sun was playing a good game of hide and seek with us throughout the entire ride. We saw many new born critters on the pastures we cycled by. Calves, horses, goats, llamas, and Scottish highland calves. The Scottish highland calves looked like little wookies and were so darn cute.

Our route was very hilly. The hills were mostly rolling but there were two big climbs on our route this afternoon too. They were very steep and long. But Joe and I made both, of course we sounded like a couple of trains huffing and puffing up them, but we made the climbs! And for our reward we got to scream down the other side. I hit 38 mph and couldn't catch Joe! He was going down over 40 mph. He claims it's his size and mass that give him the momentum to go down so fast.

We only got 27.50 miles in but they sure were the best miles! Sadly rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. So maybe it will be the gym in the morning for some weight bearing exercises.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Ride

I forgot to write about my ride on Wednesday afternoon. I had the day off and the weather was beautiful so I went on a 33 mile bike ride. It was great! I rode my Specialized Ruby Expert instead of my old Trek. My Trek is my bad weather winter bike but Wednesday was wonderful. A really "spring" day. Mid 50s, warm, and sunny.

Half of my ride was on the trail and the other half was on the road. As you can see from my picture part of the trail was closed due to local flooding this winter. But when I rode by there was a work crew there repairing that section of the trail. They had cleared away all the mud, stumps, trees, and debris and had filled in the washed away section of the trail with dirt. When I rode by they had a big roller flattening the trail. All that's left to do is the paving! They really want the trail ready for spring. I think it may be ready this weekend. Perhaps if I get off early enough today I will take a ride down to the trail and check it out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

30 Mile Family Ride

Today Joe, the kids, and I went on a wonderful 30 mile ride. We decided to stay off the roads and ride on the Interurban and Green River Trails instead. It was a good ride and a great time spent with my family.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fog . . . Elk . . . Movies . . . Great Day!

This entire past week was a sad one. All week long I did nothing except go to work, come home from work, watch tv, go to bed, repeat. I didn't even go to the gym or spin class this week. I was getting into a rut but thank goodness today Joe and I got out and we did a 22 mile road ride. Yeah! It wasn't a very long ride but it was a very nice ride.

It was chilly when we left at 11:30, only 40 degrees and cloudy/foggy. The weather report said sunshine and clearing but it never happened during our ride. But I must admit the sun finally did pop out about an hour after we finished riding around 3:20! But I won't complain because as I was saying it was a good ride. We did one of our hilly courses and we still managed to average 15.7 mph. Not bad. We also saw a herd of 40-50 elk in a farmer's field in Enumclaw. We stopped to watch them for a while and I tried to get a picture with my cell phone's camera but they were too far away for a decent picture.

After our ride this afternoon I got a text message from a friend asking Joe and me to come out tomorrow morning and do a mountain bike ride at Banner. I told her we just might show up for her ride!

In about 50 minutes Joe and I will be leaving for the movies. We are going to see Liam Neeson in his new movie Taken. I heard it was good. Actually I'm ready to go to bed but Joe has been wanting to see this movie so I guess it's the movies for me tonight.

What a great day today turned out to be! :)