Monday, April 19, 2010

35th Annual Daffodil Classic

Sunday, April 18th was the annual Daffodil Classic Bike Ride. And what a great ride it was this year! The weather, the people, the routes, the entire ride was just wonderful. I rode the metric (but I got a few extra miles in because I missed a turn and had to back track). So my total mileage was 65.41 miles. It was a pretty hard course. Very hilly, lots of chip sealed roads, and I had a crazy headwind most of the ride. I began riding at 8:30 AM; it was a foggy start but the sun quickly burned away the fog layer and left behind beautiful blue sky and sunshine. The support was great! I especially enjoyed the second rest stop in Eatonville. They served beans and rice to all the riders plus there was a ton of cookies, bagels, peanut butter, jelly, Philly cream cheese, and fruit! Yum! The entire course had great views of Mount Rainier! And at the finish there was the famous TWBC's strawberry shortcake served with congratulations and smiles!