Saturday, January 06, 2007

My work is cut out for me!

I signed up to do the 2007 STP, Seattle to Portland Bicycle Ride this July 14th and 15th. It's a 204 mile ride starting at the University of Washington in Seattle and ending in Portland, Oregon. So I guess my work is cut out for me. I hope to begin my serious training the end of February/first of March. The weather here in the pacific northwest has been, putting it mildly, crappy! Since November we have had flooding, ice storms, snow, and high winds that had me without power for four whole days! It is a bad winter for cycling. But I have a positive out look and believe, fingers and toes crossed, that by March all this bad weather will pass and at least the weekends will be nice!

I've created a training "calendar" and hope to stick to it. My training calendar begins the first weekend in March. Until then I will try and get rides in on nice days. On bad days I will hit the gym and do some spinning. Every little bit helps.

So here's to goals, rides, and a great season!