Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Catching Up

I have not posted in over two weeks and thought I would catch up today. On Saturday, September 16th I led a mountain bike ride at Lake Sawyer. Fourteen people showed up for my ride. It was a beautiful warm fall day. Saturday, September 23rd Joe and I participated in a road event called the Emerald City Lights Bike Ride. It was for a very good cause. To raise money and food to feed families in need during Thanksgiving. We rode with Jim and the day was gorgeous! The trees in the park when we first arrived were red and the morning sun was streaming down through them. The ride was beautiful. Scenery fantastic and the ride hilly, challenging, but fun!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Poker Run at Dash Point . . . Super!

Yesterday, Joe and I did the Poker Run at Dash Point State Park with our friend Jim. We had a great time! We ran into a lot of friends on the trail and after the ride; friends we have not seen since my foot surgery. After the ride we stayed for the hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, brownies and festivities! There was a huffy toss, limbo game, bunny hop contest, and a stunt jump for the more advanced riders to show us what they got! Joe, Jim, and I did not have great poker hands so we did not win anything there. But the three of us did get something from the raffle drawing! The weather was perfect fall weather. Blue clear skies, 70 degree temperature, and low humidity. I would give this day an A+!!!!! Hope to see more days like this one through October!