Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hilly Ride

Today I rode one of my favorite routes, Enumclaw to Black Diamond and back. The roads are great, the scenery fantastic, but most import there are plenty of rest stops along this route where I can refill my water bottles and take a bathroom break. At mile 15 there's the Flaming Geyser State Park, mile 21 the town of Black Diamond with their famous Bakery, the Black Diamond Bakery and Restaurant, at mile 26 Ravensdale park, mile 31 Kanaskat State Park, and finally at mile 35 Nolte State Park. So lots of opportunities for water, food, and bathrooms! Very important to a cyclist!

I began my ride at 9:30 AM. The sun was doing a great job of warming things up. At 9:30 it was already in the mid 70s. It was going to be a warm day indeed. I started slowly allowing my muscles to warm and to work out some tightness from yesterday's hard ride. Today I more or less just wanted to get out and do a more leisurely ride. Why I picked this route I don't know because it's a very hilly one! With a few STEEP climbs thrown in to add a challenge for any rider. But my legs felt pretty good and I climbed every hill easily. I stopped for lunch at 11:30 at the Black Diamond Bakery, where else, and was back on my way by noon. I stopped more than usual today to take pictures. If my hubby were with me on today's ride he would be complaining! He hates to stop except to eat, refill his water bottles, or for a bathroom break. So lucky thing he wasn't riding today because I was in a picture taking mood. I finished my ride around 1:13 PM.

What a great week so far. Two great days of riding!

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