Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Enumclaw to Mount Rainier National Park

What an absolutely beautiful day today was! This morning I met Trish, a friend from my local gym, for a bike ride. We started and ended our ride in the parking lot of Enumclaw High School. It was an out and back ride. The out was all up hill. A steady climb with some pretty steep parts. The scenery along the highway up to Mount Rainier was gorgeous. Of course there was the mountain, always our constant companion and the river and the forest. Whenever we entered a stretch of forested area the temperature would take a dramatic dip which felt wonderful when you are climbing. We stopped at mile 21 in Greenwater for a quick break. We thought when we turned around to return that it would be an easy downhill all the way back. Brother were we wrong! We didn't think we would have a strong headwind but we did! So we had to pedal constantly just to maintain our speed! If we stopped we came to a crawl! So it was a beautiful ride but it also was a very hard ride!

I only took two pictures. One in the parking lot before we left and one of Trish in Greenwater.

After our ride we were both famished! So we stopped at Taco del Mars and had the best chicken taco salads ever made!

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