Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Ride

After yesterday's long hilly ride, today we did a leisurely twenty mile ride. We just wanted to stretch our legs and enjoy the beautiful day. Here are two pictures from today's ride that I took with my cell phone's camera. Not the best pictures but you can tell it was a sunny afternoon!


Donald Boothby said...

weren't those lenticular clouds all day Sunday gorgeous?!?!?! Mimi and I rode with some new friends we met in the park (from NJ) and as we toured them all over, the cloud patterns just got cooler and cooler.

Sue said...

They were awesome! I wish I had my bicycling camera with me instead of my cell phone. Joe was getting annoyed with me stopping to take pictures. He said, "You out here to ride or take pictures?" LOL But he of course stopped and waited patiently while I took my pictures.

How lucky for the NJ cyclists that they met you. Who better to show them the best sites of Seattle!

I'm debating whether or not to ride in the Peninsula Metric this Sunday or just do one of my local rides (like from home, Bonney Lake, and up past Greenwater and back). Gig Harbor is quite hilly and would be a great workout though. Oh decisions decisions.