Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Hilly Ride

Finally our weather turned nice! This morning my daughter and I went on a long hilly ride. We got 72.17 miles in. The course we chose today was very hilly. What were we thinking? Besides the hills we had to deal with a strong headwind and the sun which meant it was quite warm. We had a very cold spring and our bodies really were not acclimated to warmer weather workouts. The last 10 miles almost killed us and I think I got a little dehydrated! But we persevered! Tomorrow we plan to ride again (another nice day) but it will be shorter. A recovery ride. We'll probably do a 30 miler.

Our bikes with drinks balanced on the saddles! We stopped at one of our
favorite espresso stands for a cool refreshing drink! They sure hit the spot!

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