Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First Snow Now Rain and Floods!

What is up with our weather lately? During the month of December we were hit with snow and very cold temperatures. January is bringing us heavy rains, warm temperatures, melting mountain snow, avalanches, and flooding! Right now I am watching the evening news and I see pictures and reports of rivers over flowing and running over their banks. Many towns see their fields and residential areas under water. Snoqualmie Falls looks like Niagra Falls. Stories of mudslides are now being reported. It's scary! I feel so badly for the people living in these flooded areas. I hope the rains stop soon and the rivers recede quickly. This has been one hard winter and it's only just started. Spring is two and half months away! March 21st can't get here fast enough.


Mike said...

Good luck with all that snow! Living in NE Ohio we see our fair share. I think, unofficially, we gotten well over 50 inches here in Stow, OH. The official measurements are taken at the airports an hour away. lol

Sue said...

Thanks! We need all the luck we can get over here. You live close to my family. My folks, and one sister and one brother live in Pittsburgh and my niece and her husband and 2 kids live in Sandusky, OH! I just love visiting my niece in the summer. She lives about a mile from Cedar Point. My daughter and I are roller coaster freaks and Cedar Point gives us our fix. LOL We even went to visit in October and the park was open for "fright night" or something like that. FUN! Stay warm Mike and I will dry and stay dry!