Saturday, January 24, 2009

30 Mile Ride

Today the sun was making an attempt to break through the clouds. Around 11:00 AM it looked like it was going to succeed. The outdoor thermometer showed that it was 37 degrees on the other side of the window. Chilly but with the sun it shouldn't feel too bad. So Joe and I decided to go for a ride. It was our first ride outdoors since December 6th.

We began our ride at 11:35 AM. The sun was out but the clouds seemed to be fighting back, and winning. The first ten minutes of our ride were the worst. The wind chill made me feel like an icicle. But soon I warmed as my body produced heat from the constant pedaling. Joe and I dressed in layers. We had on our warm winter riding gloves, our booties to keep our feet and toes warm, and are balaclavas which really helped keep our faces protected from the wind and cold. But the sun was what really made us feel warm but about 20 minutes into our ride the clouds won and the sun disappeared. As long as we kept pedaling we were fine. But when we stopped, and we did once, the chill settled in quickly and it took a good 5 minutes of hard pedaling to warm up again. Even so our ride was wonderful! Joe and I never felt better! It sure beat an hour of spin class indoors.

When we got back home we were tired but happy. We got 30 miles logged in today! I hope tomorrow will be a good day for an outdoor ride too. That will make this the best weekend in a long time for me!

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