Saturday, December 06, 2008


After a month off my bike because of work, weather, and travel, Joe and I got out today and rode for 30.02 miles. It was wonderful to be on my bike again. It sure beats spin classes at the gym. That's what I have been doing four times a week; spinning at the gym.

We started our ride at noon and finished at 2:33 PM. It was 45 degrees, calm, sunny with a few high clouds. We rode on the Orting Trail. When we passed the Carbon River we noticed it had changed it's course. The heavy rains a few weeks ago caused flooding and you could see where it came over the trail. But today the river was low and it's course definitely was not the same when I last saw it in September.

Even though I have been going to spin classes for the last two months today's ride wore me out. My legs were definitely stronger, thanks to spin class, but my stamina and endurance that I had all summer long is definitely gone.

No complaints from me though. I had a great ride! Hope to do a repeat next weekend. I just hope the weather will cooperate next Saturday. Tomorrow it's the gym and spin class.

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Gene Nacey said...

Sue, congrats on the 30 mile ride. I loved your "reasons I love to ride" on your website. I also appreciate your dedication to spinning as a way of keeping fit. You might ask your spin instructors to teach some Endurance classes - especially through the winter - these are how you will feel less fatigued after the 30 miles. The typical class is not done to endurance principals, and thus your experience is quite common. I have just launched a site dedicated to folks like you - who understand the value of both spinning and outdoor riding. You may be interested in it, and I'd love to cross reference your post if you like. You can find us at
Keep riding/spinning, Gene