Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a CRAZY Two Weeks!

School is out for winter break and I am off for the next two weeks returning on January 5th, weather permitting. Actually I got an extra 3 days off! With all the snow and cold weather we have been receiving school was canceled on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (December 17, 18, and 19th). It was nice but that means 3 snow days to make up before the end of this school year. Hopefully there won't be any more school cancellations due to snow!

I have been very busy preparing for the holidays. Shopping, shipping, baking, wrapping, decorating and on and on. With all this extra holiday work plus the bad weather we have been receiving very little biking has been done. Okay zero biking has been done this month. With the exception of December 6th (my only real bike ride this month) all exercise has been at the gym. On Sundays I go to Flex Class and on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I have been going to spin class. I even went to spin class twice in one day a couple of times this month. The 5:30 AM class and then the 5:30 PM class. Those were exceptional days. Plus this little fact, my daughter made me go! :-P

Yes, this has been a very hectic and busy month. The good news is we have passed the winter solstice which means the sun is making it's journey back to the northern hemisphere! Yippee!

Spin class and the gym will see me through this winter. When spring and warmer weather finally do arrive I will be ready to start training for my 128 mile ride on June 20th.


Aubrey and Sam said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and making a comment! We love our precious little girl to pieces! I am ready to be back working, but it will definitely be tough to be away from B.K. during the day. So is the life, I guess. How is tech going? Did you still want my help for the second half of the year? Have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Sue said...

Merry Christmas Aubrey!

Love your festive page! Lots to tell you about tech but not on here. I will fill you in when we get back in January!

Enjoy the rest of the break and see you soon!


Aubrey and Sam said...

It is a deal Sue! Have a Have a happy and safe new year!