Friday, September 12, 2008

Week In Review

A new school year has begun and once again fall has arrived and with it my return to work. We are having exceptionally beautiful weather this fall and it sure makes it hard for me to go in to work. And when I do get home between 3 and 4 each day I have so much to do that my weekday rides are few and far between. I have started walking after dinner but I did ride on one day this week. I went on Wednesday. It was a short ride, 15 miles, but it was a gorgeous ride. I started at 5 PM and the sun was casting long shadows through the trees. There leaves on the trail, a true sign of autumn, and the air was clean and clear. The autumn sun's shadows were dazzling off the water on the Carbon River and through the leaves on the trees. I felt like I was in another world. It was an awesome ride. Too bad it was so short.

My long rides will now be on the weekends now that I am back at work and the days are getting shorter. So here's to those fall and winter weekends. Hopefully mother nature will hold off her bad weather for the weekdays this year and save the nice days for the weekends. I can only hope!

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