Saturday, September 27, 2008

Perfect Weather For A Ride!

Today Joe and I left at 11:30 AM for a bike ride. The sun was out and shining brightly. The sky was a clear blue. The air was cool and the temperature was, perfect for a ride, 62 degrees. We wore shorts and short sleeved jerseys. I put a vest on but really I did not need it. We did a little over 25 miles today. My legs felt a bit heavy but that's probably because I have not been on my bike since last Sunday's hard hilly metric in the rain. I should have gone to the Tuesday and Thursday spin classes after work this last week to keep my legs in shape. Oh well, definitely this week!

Tomorrow Joe is going hunting with our son but I'm ready for another ride. A longer one so I signed up to do a club ride tomorrow. It starts at 9:30 AM and is listed as a 62 mile loop. The ride description says that this ride is a very special fall loop which will start in Orting then on to the Carbon River Ranger Station on Mt. Rainier. Then back to Buckley along low traveled country roads. It says the scenery will be gorgeous so I will take along my camera for this ride.

Check back tomorrow evening for a report on tomorrow's club ride.

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