Monday, May 12, 2008

Will It Rain?

I can't believe that I have not been on my bike since last Sunday! This spring has been a total washout as far as weather and bike rides go. And even I myself have hindered my own riding. I have been busy with work and meetings and kids and a husband and parents. But I knew that soon, soon my time will come. The stars will align and the cosmos will come together and it will be my time. And my time finally did arrive. Or did it?

This morning the sun was out and the sky was clear. GREAT I thought, finally a nice day! So with a smile on my face I left for work knowing that when my work day ended at 2:30 I will finally get to ride my bike! 2:30 finally arrived and wouldn't you know it, clouds had rolled in. Between going to work this morning and getting off work this afternoon it went from a clear day to a cloudy one. How dare those clouds come uninvited to ruin my plans! And they were waiting for me. Waiting for me to get on my bike! Waiting until I was half way into my ride. Then they would release their droplets of cold wet rain onto me. The clouds were taunting me! A lesser cyclist would have succumbed and gone home. But not me. I decided to take a chance and go for my ride even if it meant getting a little wet. So I went on my ride. And I had a great ride! And you know what? My decision to go paid off! It did not rain! I got 15 miles in and not a drop of rain fell from those cumulonimbus browbeaters. And here it is 2 hours after my ride and it's still not raining. Those clouds are still out there, waiting to release their droplets of water but not on me; not today.

And good news Wednesday marks the start of a warm, sunny, weather pattern. They (weather people on my local TV station) are forecasting temperatures in the 80s! Something not seen here since last August! Oh I do hope they are right!

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