Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Much Cooler Ride

Yesterday was HOT! But last night the winds picked up and brought with them a wonderful cold front. Mother Nature’s air conditioning! It felt wonderful after the hot day we had yesterday! Remember we broke a record; we saw 91 degrees yesterday! So believe me when I say the cold air coming in last night was a Godsend. I took full advantage of its coolness and opened all the windows in the house. As the evening wore on the temperature inside the house began to come down to a more comfortable range. Sleeping last night was great! There’s nothing like a cool breeze coming through your bedroom window to make sleeping heavenly.

This morning Joe and I decided to go for an early morning ride. We had breakfast at 7 AM and we were on our bikes by 9 AM. It was chilly at the start but after a few miles we warmed up nicely. We did our country/back roads and farmland ride. Normally there is very little traffic on these roads but on Sundays there is practically zero traffic. We were lucky if we saw two cars on our ride this morning. We did see a lot of cows and calves, horses, sheep, dogs, and 4 dead possums. Of course our constant companion on our ride, Mount Rainier, was out this morning sporting a nice white cap today. It’s always a pleasure seeing the mountain. I never get tired of that magnificent view!

Joe and I got a nice 25 mile ride in. We finished in 1 hour and 37 minutes. It was a nice short ride. I wanted to do a much longer ride today but Joe and I had to go to our daughter’s Honors Ceremony at three this afternoon. So we had to cut it short on this perfect day. On the bright side, I rode on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (hot hot day), and today Sunday. Four straight days in a row! This coming weekend I definitely want to do a long ride. Joe and I plan on doing the 65 mile Headwater Century loop. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. I think it will! I truly believe that our nice weather has finally arrived.

Tomorrow is Monday. I do so hate Mondays. Joe and I have decided to go to the gym tomorrow instead of ride. I do need to work on my upper body strengthening. Believe me I need it! I’ve never seen such weak pathetic arms!

The day is coming to an end but there is still a few hours left before calling it a day; so I think I will go and relax with Joe and watch some Sunday night TV.

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