Monday, March 26, 2007

Just Hubby, Me and Our Bikes

Well, I did not get my road ride in this weekend. Not after Saturday's torrential down pour! But my husband and I did go mountain biking on Sunday. The rain finally stopped and the sun started to break through. By late afternoon it was gorgeous! But back to our ride yesterday morning/afternoon. The trails were muddy. And that is an understatement! We crossed "lakes" that are usually "puddles" . . . but we had fun! We met a friend on the trail and the three of us had a great ride. And of course this morning, Monday morning, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, a perfect day for a road ride but I have to go to work. Sigh. Why is it, weekends always seem to be bad weather days? And come Monday morning the sun pops out and the weather is beautiful? A cruel spring joke by Mother Nature! Ha ha . . . and just my luck this coming weekend will be beautiful because I will be out of town. Just you watch!


wibnrml said...

Sue: I also stayed indoors Sat. I did put some time on my spinner though. Sunday I rode out between Lake Tapps and Buckley. Jeez! Seemed like I was heading into the wind no matter which direction i went. But this will be good training for the Daffodil ride. I don't know what loop(s) I will take yet. Exspecially since they have created new courses this year. I'll probably decide on ride day.
Hope to see you guys on the road soon. Gary.

Sue said...

Gary . . . Those winds can be terrible! Especially the ones that, no matter which direction you turn . . . there's that dang headwind again! :P Seems to just turn right along with you!

Joe and I just flew back in last night from Pittsburgh. We are going to go out this afternoon for a ride. Don't know which route yet maybe the Black Diamond loop, or our Enumclaw loop . . . or just out our front door to Buckley and back.

We plan on riding in the Tulip Pedal on April 14th up in La Conner, WA (Skagit County). Then the Daffodil. I think I am going to do the Lake Tapps 50 mile loop this year. Sue

wibnrml said...

Sue: The Lake Tapps loop will be 40 miles this year. It will not go though Allan York Park by the lake.
Which is a shame because I live on the other side of Jenks Park from there.
It will continue farther down 214th and turn right onto Kelley Lake Rd, onto Angeline Rd and down the hill to McCutheon Rd, and onto Orting.
The other loop has been changed as well. But I don't know the details yet.
Could you give me the details of your Black Diamond loop? I want to make that one of my itineraries. But I don't know the Black Diamond areas well enough for planning a bike ride. Although I did do Headwaters last year. I would like to avoid climbing out of the Greenwater gorge at Flaming Geyser Park.
I started riding to work at Auburn Boeing this week. Man! That climb up through Lakeland just kills me.  Will be doing a ride with the Boeing Bike Club Saturday. Auburn to Black Diamond round trip 35 miles. Sunday to be determined.
Anyway, if you can, let me know about that loop course.
Thanks. Gary.

Sue said...

Our Black Diamond route can be 20 miles or 40 miles. It consists of two 20 mile loops. What Joe and I call the “upper loop” and the “lower loop”. The two loops form a figure eight starting and ending near the Black Diamond Bakery or the Black Diamond Bike Shop.

The lower loop is the following:

Start from Bakery or Bike Shop and get onto the Auburn/Black Diamond Rd.
Look for 218th Ave SE and turn left onto it. Go down a long steep hill that stops at a four way intersection at the bottom of the hill. Turn right onto Green Valley Rd. Cycle about 9 miles, passing Green Valley Meat on your left. Come to traffic light and turn right back onto Auburn Black Diamond Rd. Climb for about 5 miles until you come to a y in the road (a gas station will be on your left). Keep right and continue on the Auburn Black Diamond Rd. and back into Black Diamond.

Upper loop:

More interesting . . .

Pick up the Black Diamond Ravensdale Rd from Black Diamond. If you start from Bakery it will be on your right. Starting from Bike Shop on your left.
A few miles into ride you will cross some RR tracks. Be careful.
Come to Ravensdale Park. Turn left into park. Rest rooms there. Leave Park take left and then a right onto SE Kent Kangley Rd.
Right onto Retreat Kanaskat Rd SE
Right onto Cumberland Kanaskat Rd SE
You will cycle past Kanaskat Palmer State Park. Restrooms available.
Turn right onto SE 352nd St.
Turn right onto 309th Ave SE/SE Green River Gorge Rd
Stay on this road until it comes down a STEEP hill. Stop sign at bottom of this steep hill. At bottom of hill make a HARD right continuing on SE Green River Gorge Rd. (left turn is Enumclaw-Franklin Rd SE, you don’t want to go left. Take the HARD right).
You will cross a narrow bridge over the Green River!
Start climbing out of the Gorge on the SE Green River Gorge Rd which will become Lawson street inside the city limit of Black Diamond.