Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sad In Seattle

Last Friday, March 16th, was the last decent weather day here in the wonderful pacific northwest. Since last Friday our weather has gone down hill. I mean it has literally deteriorated! It's raining!!!! All forms and types . . . misty rain, steady rain, off and on rain, pouring rain, fog and rain, you get the picture. I guess I should not be surprised (taking in the fact of where I live) but if I don't get another sunny day like last Friday's very soon I'm going to scream! Just venting. But not all is lost. Yea, I can't ride my road bike but I can ride my mountain bike. Rain and mud are good things when I am mountain biking! Makes me feel like a kid! But bad things for road cycling. You see, I have this event in June that I want to ride in and I need to increase my miles until I can ride 100 by June 9th! At this rate I am wondering if I will be able to do the 50 mile course. Hopefully April will bring better weather but that saying "April Showers . . . " looms in the back of my mind.

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