Sunday, April 16, 2006

Riding In the Rain, Wind, and Cold

Yesterday Joe, our daughter Jackie, and me went for a road ride. When we left the sun was shining. But I noticed in the distance dark formidable looking clouds. I expressed my concern to both Joe and Jackie and they thought we would get our ride in before the storm arrived. Well, they were half right. At our turn around point the rain started coming down and a few minutes later the wind started. It was a typical Easter weekend storm. The weather station had been predicting snow in the mountains and they were right. Snow in the mountains and cold freezing rain in the valley. Regardless, we still had a great ride. The previous week Joe and I were away visiting my parents in Pittsburgh. We returned on Saturday the eighth. I returned to work on Monday and did not ride all week long. So I was looking forward to this weekend and my first ride in over two weeks. I was hoping the weather would co-operate but in the spring that’s asking a lot. My foot felt great. My right leg did get tired about two thirds of the way through the ride but other than that I felt pretty good. With warmer weather ahead and my foot on the mend I believe I will be back in shape by the end of May or first of June.

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