Saturday, April 29, 2006

After Work Ride

On Thursday, April 27th I took a co-worker cycling. She is new to cycling so I took her to a favorite bike trail close by. The afternoon was absolutely picture perfect. From the trail we had picturesque views of Mt. Rainier and the Carbon River. Because she is new to cycling I made sure we stopped a few times to give her a break and allow her to stretch and get a good drink of water. She was having fun and said she was feeling great! Finally 10 miles out she was ready to turn around and head back and I thoroughly agreed. We enjoyed the ride so much we decided to do this every Thursday after work, weather permitting. When I talked to her the next day she did say she had trouble rising from a chair later that night. She explained that her legs and knees were tired but the next morning she felt fine. Her hands were a little sore too and she told me that she is going to buy a pair of gloves before our next ride. Also another teacher we work with is interested in joining us too! Looks like we may have started something here.

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