Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Don't Believe It!

I just cannot believe this happened to me. The first day in regular shoes, no crutches, no cast, got the ok yesterday from my doctor that I may walk and ride again . . . I go and sprain my ankle! It puffed up like an adder! It looks like a golf ball! No one to blame but myself. Yesterday, at work, I was still in the boot cast and I was in a rush and tripped. With my leg so atophied the boot was loose and of course I sprained my ankle! Oh believe me I still wore my shoes today. My foot did not hurt but my darn ankle sure did. After a few hours I had to use my dang crutches again because my ankle was really throwing out the pain messages. I could scream . . . I think I will . . . pardon me . . . .

aahhhhh that felt good. Hopefully the sprain will heal quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Hello,hows your foot?I broke mine and really sucks!Stuck in a cast