Tuesday, September 06, 2011

September 6, 2011

I have been getting a lot of great rides in since my last post. I have begun my P12 series again to earn the P12 Award. You can read all about the P12 Award and how to earn it here. I did my first P12 on August 20th choosing the Snoqualmie River Run route. I completed my second P12 on September 4th by doing the Pacific Rose route. Both were great rides with great people and wonderful weather. I uploaded both rides from my garmin and you can take a look at how I did here:

The Snoqualmie River Run I did with one other person and we did really well. We both rode very strong on a very hilly course as you can see. The Pacific Rose ride had 17 people show up for it. It was a ride to show how much we love and support one great cyclists who is battling cancer. When you look at him, and talk with him, and ride with him you couldn't tell that he is fighting the disease. He is all about life, living, family, friends and riding his bike!

Right now our weather is very beautiful. It's the summer we never had. Warm and sunny days and chilly nights. I guess fall has arrived. It's what you would definitely call an Indian summer. I love it. And there are some great fall rides coming up. On September 18th my daughter and I will be doing the 4th annual Cycle the WAVE. I have done every single WAVE ride and this will be my daughter's first. We are both looking forward to the ride and riding it together. On September 25th is the annual Kitsap Color Classic. A gorgeous ride through some of the most beautiful scenic parts of Kitsap county. And of course I will do many of my two bike clubs' weekend rides. One of my favorite weekend bike rides being the Tukwila to Alki Coffee Run. That's just one of many rides I love. So stay tuned for some great fall ride reports.


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