Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Riding

I've been riding a lot this fall. Both September and October had some pretty nice days. I completed my third P12 this month and in fact I've been doing a lot of metrics these past two months. Four in September and so far two metrics for the month of October. I usually ride any where between 30 and 70 miles on my rides. My hope is to ride through the winter months to maintain my fitness and mileage and then really picking it up in the spring.

Riding along the Carbon River in September I pass many fishermen fishing for salmon.

My daughter and I joined CBC on a beautiful fall Sunday to Alki Beach in West Seattle.

Beautiful day riding through Enumclaw farmland.

Getting ready for October fun!

Riding with CBC from Renton to Black Diamond.

Riding with the Seattle Randonneurs on the inaugural ride of the Pie Run 100k metric in October completing my third P12. Great picture of Don and Mimi.

Beautiful autumn afternoon in October. The trees are beginning to put on their fall foliage.

The Old Fishing Hole in Kent farmland.

Farmer's stand in Kent.


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