Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sun, Mountain, and Bike

Another beautiful, warm, sunny day here in the pacific northwest which meant another wonderful bike ride for me this afternoon. I forgot my digital camera but I did have my cell phone. These pictures were shot with my cell's camera. As you can see it truly was a beautiful afternoon.

Mount Rainier in the distance from the town of Orting.
And that's my bike on the grass in the foreground.

Another shot of Mount Rainier.

A new born calf.

Carbon River

Daffodil Fields and Mount Rainier in Sumner.


Carol said...

Beautiful day. Looks like you are riding a trail. If so, which one?

Sue said...

Hi Carol! Yes, part of my ride on Tuesday was on the Orting Trail. I come down the hill from Bonney Lake by way of Sky Island, Rhodes Lake Rd, McCutcheon Rd, then cross over hwy 162 (Valley Ave or Orting hwy) and pick up the trail. I ride it all the way to where it ends in South Prairie before getting back on the road again.

Are you familiar with the Orting Trail? It's a beautiful scenic trail!