Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fog . . . Elk . . . Movies . . . Great Day!

This entire past week was a sad one. All week long I did nothing except go to work, come home from work, watch tv, go to bed, repeat. I didn't even go to the gym or spin class this week. I was getting into a rut but thank goodness today Joe and I got out and we did a 22 mile road ride. Yeah! It wasn't a very long ride but it was a very nice ride.

It was chilly when we left at 11:30, only 40 degrees and cloudy/foggy. The weather report said sunshine and clearing but it never happened during our ride. But I must admit the sun finally did pop out about an hour after we finished riding around 3:20! But I won't complain because as I was saying it was a good ride. We did one of our hilly courses and we still managed to average 15.7 mph. Not bad. We also saw a herd of 40-50 elk in a farmer's field in Enumclaw. We stopped to watch them for a while and I tried to get a picture with my cell phone's camera but they were too far away for a decent picture.

After our ride this afternoon I got a text message from a friend asking Joe and me to come out tomorrow morning and do a mountain bike ride at Banner. I told her we just might show up for her ride!

In about 50 minutes Joe and I will be leaving for the movies. We are going to see Liam Neeson in his new movie Taken. I heard it was good. Actually I'm ready to go to bed but Joe has been wanting to see this movie so I guess it's the movies for me tonight.

What a great day today turned out to be! :)

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