Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Ride

I forgot to write about my ride on Wednesday afternoon. I had the day off and the weather was beautiful so I went on a 33 mile bike ride. It was great! I rode my Specialized Ruby Expert instead of my old Trek. My Trek is my bad weather winter bike but Wednesday was wonderful. A really "spring" day. Mid 50s, warm, and sunny.

Half of my ride was on the trail and the other half was on the road. As you can see from my picture part of the trail was closed due to local flooding this winter. But when I rode by there was a work crew there repairing that section of the trail. They had cleared away all the mud, stumps, trees, and debris and had filled in the washed away section of the trail with dirt. When I rode by they had a big roller flattening the trail. All that's left to do is the paving! They really want the trail ready for spring. I think it may be ready this weekend. Perhaps if I get off early enough today I will take a ride down to the trail and check it out.

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