Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great Weekend . . . Beautiful Weather!

Joe and I arrived in Leavenworth on Friday, April 25th. We met up with our friends Jim and Kathy and their little pup Bandit. The weather was absolutely beautiful! After unpacking the truck the four of us, errr make that the five us left our condo and walked into town. We browsed the shops and then stopped in at the Munchen Haus for lunch. After lunch we walked around a bit more before walking back to the condo. Around 5 o'clock we went to dinner at King Ludwigs and then walked to the Ale Fest at the Leavenworth Festhalle. Joe and Jim sampled many beers. A featured singer, Vicki Martinez and her band, were playing at the Ale Fest on Friday night. They were great! Finally around 9 PM we left the hall and headed back to the condo. After all we had a big bike ride to do tomorrow and it had an early start!
I was up at 6 AM. Joe and Jim did not get up until 7 AM! Finally around 7:30 we left for the Ale Fest Bike Ride. We stopped and had breakfast at Kristalls first. We finally arrived at the start around 9 AM. Even with the sun shining against the bluest sky it was still a very chilly morning. There was also a lot of snow still on the ground but we were very excited about the ride, the sun, and scenery! We were ready to ride!
We did pass by some gorgeous scenery as you can see from some of the pictures that I took.
This is Joe and Jim chatting at our first rest stop. We were quite warm by mile 12.5 and we were all getting into the ride! The other bikers were feeling the same. I saw many happy faces and positive chit chat going on. Everyone I spoke with agreed it was a perfect day for a bike ride!

Here's a picture of Joe and me at the first rest stop. With snow and sunshine as our backdrop!

My Bike at the start of the ride leaning against . . . SNOW!
Our friend Jim all bundled up at the start of the ride with his bike.
A cyclist coming down the road walled in on both sides with SNOW! There was very little, almost zero traffic! The 75 mile course was cancelled because of snow. That left the 25 and 50 mile courses. Joe, Jim, and I did the 50 mile course. We had a great ride! The weekend couldn't have been more perfect! It was really hard leaving Leavenworth this afternoon to come back to the west side of the mountains. Don't you just love great weekends?! I sure do! I can't wait for the next great weekend!

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