Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Weekend Coming Up!

I am so looking forward to this up coming weekend! Since January the weather,work, and the day to day routine has really gotten to me. And today at work, the day just dragged by! But finally the 2:20 dismissal bell rang and I almost cheered! My weekend had just begun with that dismissal bell. Joe and I each took a personal day. So tomorrow rather than going in to work we will be driving over to Leavenworth for the Leavenworth 2nd annual Ale Fest. They are also having an Ale Fest Bike Ride! Woo Hoo! We had initially signed up to ride the 75 mile course but received an email about a week ago from the ride director stating that the 75 mile course is cancelled because of SNOW! So we will be riding the 50 mile course. The temperature and weather for Leavenworth for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are AWESOME! I am on cloud nine at this moment. Work is over, the weather for our getaway will be beautiful and my day to day routine will be interrupted! AND I will be riding my bike! I will ride on Saturday in the Ale Fest Bike Ride but I am also going to ride tomorrow when we get into Leavenworth. Oh yea, I will first settle into our condo, maybe have lunch, unpack and then go for a ride! :-D We plan to leave EARLY for Leavenworth tomorrow morning. Probably around 9 AM. It's a 2 hour drive over so we should arrive at our condo between 11 and noon. So plenty of time and day left for a nice ride! :)

On my way home from work today I stopped at Papa Murphy's Pizza and picked up my favorite pizza, their chicken, bacon, artichoke, thin crusted pizza. I am also doing laundry and packing. I was initially on the desk top computer upstairs in our office but then I remembered that I wanted to watch Oprah today. Her guest is the family from the Learning Channel. The little people big world family, the Roloffs. So I grabbed my laptop, came downstairs, and here I sit. Watching Oprah, doing laundry, baking pizza, and typing an entry in my blog!

Well Joe should be pulling into the garage any minute now. The pizza smells wonderful and my washer just stopped. So I guess I better end this for today. Stay tuned for a report on my weekend getaway! With pictures I hope!

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Geordie Romer said...

Have a great ride. It looks beautiful and sunny here in Leavenworth this morning. Still a little chilly but lots of blue sky and most important - dry roads.