Sunday, August 26, 2007

No Bike Rides This Weekend

This weekend was a washout as far as mountain biking or road cycling goes. I did neither and I am very depressed about it. But my husband and I had "house" chores to do and they had to be done. But I did get a new bright neon green Canari cycling jacket. People should see me coming from miles away. It's so green with reflective piping along the sides and sleeves. The sleeves can be unzipped and removed turning the jacket into a vest. I like it a lot.

I have a full day of work tomorrow. On Tuesday I only have to go in for a morning meeting. My summer break officially ends next Tuesday the day after Labor Day. Yes, another school year begins in a week. This time of year always depresses me. Not because I have to go back to work (okay, maybe it's one of the reasons) but because right after fall is winter, which is my least favorite season. The cold, darkness, and gloom are so depressing. I am a sun person and the lack of it really affects me. But I seem to get through it every year, even though it seems to get harder and harder with each passing year.

On the bright side, on Tuesday afternoon Jackie and I plan to do a road ride. We are thinking about doing the upper 20 mile Black Diamond Loop. Wednesday I am not to sure about at this point. I am debating on either doing a morning ride (about an 8:00 or 9:00 AM start) or an afternoon ride (about a 3:00 or 4:00 PM start). Thursday another afternoon ride with my daughter and Friday a possible club ride. Cascade Bicycle Club has a Vashon/Maury Island ride scheduled for 9:00 AM. We are to meet at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal where we will catch the 9:25 AM ferry to Vashon. Once we are on Vashon we are going to circumnavigate the islands stopping to have lunch before returning by ferry to the mainland. Whether I ride with the club on Vashon or with my daughter one fact is certain, I will have fun! And hey after all isn't that what it's all about?!

Point Robinson Light House, Maury Island, Washington


wibnrml said...


Glad to hear you got your jacket. Sounds nice. Did you get it a REI?

I rode out to Buckley and back Sunday morning. It was quite breezy and cool. When I got into Buckley, the clouds were starting to roll in and I could feel the hint of rain. So I decided to head back home. When I got back to the lake, I was getting chilled, having worn only a short sleeve jersey and shorts. Hey the sun was shining when I left the house!?! What’s going on! It’s August for heavens sake! It started misting as I pulled into my drive at 10:30. By that afternoon it was quite nice out. Totally opposite of Saturday. It was nice in the morning, but turned to rain in the afternoon. Which caused me to not ride, because I waited to long to head out.

I will try to ride this afternoon after I get home from work. Probably be riding though your area about 5:30 or so, as I head out to the prairies.

Pedal On!

Sue said...


Yes, I got my new jacket at the REI store in Tukwila on Saturday. We were up that way because Joe had to stop by his office in Renton to pick up his lunch bag of all things! We were close so we stopped in. Then we drove over to Bicycles West on Andover West and did some browsing. Joe was looking for a certain lube that REI was out of so we stopped by this shop. We ended up buying new helmets plus the chain lube.

Yes Gary what is going on with the weather? August's weather feels more like late September early October weather. Fall seems to be in a hurry to arrive this year! And yes it has been hard these past few weekends to tell if the weather is going to be good for riding. One moment it’s sunny and the next minute it’s cloudy and cool. And it changes so quickly.

I worked all day today. I arrived at the Bonney Lake High School this morning for the big welcome back gathering. After the welcoming speech all staff returned to their schools for an afternoon of meetings. It was nice catching up with colleagues and seeing how their summer breaks were.

I have to work all day tomorrow too. I’m bummed out but I will have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. So, tomorrow I am thinking about doing an afternoon ride. Would you like to meet up? We can ride to Buckley and back and finally meet. Let me know.

Pedal On!


wibnrml said...


Sure! Let go for a ride to Buckley this afternoon, say 4:30 or later?
I was planning on going out that way this afternoon, so that would be great!

I rode my Rainier Beer Commercial loop yesterday. I felt so strong I though I could do more than the 18 miles. But I though I should save it for a ride to Buckley tonight.
So we are thinking on the same page.

You can contact me per my work e-mail for more convenience if you like.

Your virtual cyberspace cycling buddy.

Pedal On!