Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beautiful Day . . . Great Ride!

This morning my daughter and I woke up at 7:30 PM. What greeted our eyes when we looked out the kitchen window were sunshine and a clear blue sky! So we quickly ate breakfast and then got ready for a bike ride. I pumped air into our tires, lubed the chains, and filled our water bottles. I stuffed a few power bars into my back jersey pocket, packed my gloves, sunglasses, bike shoes, and helmet into my tote bag and off we went. We decided to start from Enumclaw and ride to Black Diamond and back.

We arrived in Enumclaw and parked and then we got ourselves ready. We were on our way by 9:30 AM. Jackie wanted to wear her jacket but I told her in 10 minutes she would be hot and then she would have to carry it for the rest of the ride. She listened to me and left her jacket in the car and sure enough I was right, by the time we completed our first mile she was warm. The morning air was nice, the pastures were beautiful, and the roads quiet with hardly any traffic on them.

I was initially going to follow the 45 mile Headwater Century route. The Dan Henry markings were freshly painted on the roads for the upcoming September 9th Headwater Century. But Jackie did not want to go down one particular hill. It is a steep and winding hill that drops you down into the valley and takes you to Flaming Geyser. She had a terrible crash about 1 ½ months ago on a similar steep and winding hill and she said she just couldn’t handle a hill like that just yet. So, I had to change my plans. When we came to the left hand turn that would have taken us to the steep winding hill we instead continued straight and crossed hwy 169. We climbed a steep hill and came down a steep but straight downhill that placed us at Veazie-Cumberland Road SE. We turned left onto Veazie and after pedaling for 2 miles we reached Nolte State Park, our first rest stop. After refilling our water bottles eating our power bars and visiting the rest room we were ready to continue on. Jackie and I were really into our ride. Before we knew it we were passing Kanaskat Palmer State Park then we were crossing the Green River. This part of the ride was very hilly. Like a roller coaster, up and down. I think it's a great route for building up the strength in your legs. I absolutely loved it! After about 4 more miles we reached a “T” in the road where we turned left onto SE Retreat Kanaskat Rd. Shortly after passing Retreat Lake we turned left onto SE Kent Kangley Rd. which took us into Ravensdale where Jackie and I pulled into a park for a rest. We decided to turn around here and go back. Jackie was getting tired and did not want to continue on into Black Diamond which was only 4 miles away. So, we turned around and went back the way we had just come.

By the time we got back to our cars we had cycled over 40 hilly miles. If we would have continued on into Black Diamond we would have done over 50 miles. Oh well perhaps on another day we will do the 50 mile ride.

Well, we left at 9:30 and we were back by 12:17. After we got the bikes loaded and all our gear packed up we were ready for food. We were both very hungry. I suggested we have lunch at “The Mint” in Enumclaw. Jackie thought that was a great idea so off we went to the Mint. The food tasted so delicious. Isn’t it amazing how hard exercise enhances the taste of food?! And the ice tea was so cold and refreshing. I’ve never tasted a better glass of ice tea! After our delicious lunch we drove back home. We pulled into the driveway a little before 2:00 PM and we both agreed it was a great ride!


Jackie said...

Yay :-D We did have fun Mom!! We need to do it again, but next time we will go to Black Diamond and have lunch at the Bakery! We are going to be ready for the MS ride :-) I hope we can get a few more good rides in before the big day! LOVE YOU XOXOXO

wibnrml said...

Sounds like you two had a nice ride. I can’t believe that anyone would turn down a trip to the Black Diamond bakery. Perfect riding weather.
I’ll be doing the Foothills Trail loop tomorrow, weather permitting.
Beautiful picture of Jackie, or is that Sue?

Pedal On!

Sue said...


We did have FUN! Jackie said next time we are going all the way into Black Diamond and of course to the Bakery!

That is a picture of Jackie!

Jackie and I are going to get Joe out this weekend on a ride. He is so out of shape and I know he does not want to ride with anyone right now. He hasn't done any serious riding since May. My job is to get him back in shape so we can start riding with friends again.

Thanks for the REI sale info! I need a new road cycling jacket!

Pedal On!


wibnrml said...

If Joe needs a ride partner. I’m available. I certainly need one!
I know I’m not in that good of shape, yet. But I know I’m getting stronger each time I ride. Now I just need to put in consistent miles. Then hopefully, the fat will start burning off. I know how he feels. After years of working 66 hour weeks. Now I have to pay for the inactivity.

Also. Nashbar has a 20% sale going on today.

Well. Time for me to pedal home.
Have a good weekend.

Pedal On!