Monday, August 13, 2007

Early Autumn?

Today is Monday, August 10th isn't it? It feels more like September 10th to me. A day with clear blue skies and white fluffy clouds drifting by. A slight cool breeze. The sun is warm on your skin but the air is chilly and when you walk into the shade there is no warmth. The humidity of summer is gone. It's dry. There are other signs too. My butterfly bush has had dozens of hummingbirds surrounding it these past few days. All hungrily attacking the purple flowers and chasing at one another. I believe they are stoking up on energy for a long flight. But one thing is clear, it is perfect weather for a bike ride. So let me end here for now so that I can get ready for a wonderful afternoon bicycle ride. I will post a report of my afternoon ride later today. I hope everyone else is enjoying this gorgeous day.

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