Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hard Ride

Yesterday I did a hard ride. I did the hill valley ride. Left my house and did a nice rolling 5 miles, at 5 miles cruised down 2 1/2 mile long steep hill into the valley. Cruised in the valley enjoying the scenery; Beautiful flowers with Mount Rainier backdrop. Finally time to climb the hill out of the valley and head home. Did pretty good for not really riding since my surgery. Did not stop but made it all the way to the top. Not my usual fast climb but a descent climb.

I wanted to get this ride in because today it's raining and this Tuesday I go in for surgery to have the last two screws removed from my foot. I will probably be out again for 2-4 weeks. Until swelling goes down and stitches removed. But this is the end! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. This surgery started in December and had me off my bike for 5 months! So happy it's almost over! I will have end of June and the rest of the summer to bike to my hearts content! Hooray!

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