Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy First Week Off!

I have been off for one entire week and what a week it has been! Saturday my husband and I bought new furniture for our family room. Sunday was Father's Day and a wonderful day spent with Joe and the kids. Monday was clean the house day. Tuesday I had my stitches removed from my foot. Two weeks ago I had surgery to remove the hardware from my foot. I am finally at the end of this long six month foot ordeal and the entire summer lies ahead of me! Wednesday I had a 9:00 AM dental appointment and then hurried home to meet the carpet cleaner. I had my entire house's carpets steamed cleaned. I have been going to the gym, I went Tuesday and Wednesday and had quite the workouts! And this weekend it is going to be an absolutely picture perfect one. Both Saturday and Sunday the temps will be in the 80s! And both Saturday and Sunday Joe, Jackie, and I are going on nice long bike rides! Life is good.

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