Monday, May 29, 2006

Rainy Memorial Day Weekend

It rained on Friday, it rained on Saturday, it rained on Sunday, will it rain today, Memorial Day? According to the local weather . . . NO! Will they be right today? I hope so! I do see clearing outside my window. Is that blue patches peeking through the white and gray clouds? Oh please let it clear! I did not get a single bike ride in this holiday weekend. Maybe this afternoon before company arrives. I would like to be outside for our bbq so I hope the sun comes out and dries everything. Other wise it will be hamburgers and hot dogs inside this year. What a difference a year makes. Last Memorila Day weekend it was in the middle 90s and Joe and I were biking up Devil's Gulch with friends on our mountain bikes. This year we are sitting at home praying for sun with a high temperature forcasted in the mid 60s. Regardless, I will think positive and make it a nice day. After all this is the start of summer. There will be warm days for riding I'm sure!

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