Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Day of February - Beautiful!

Today was absolutely beautiful.  I woke up to bright sunshine and a brilliant clear blue sky which was deceiving because the temperature on my thermometer read 37 degrees.  I got my bike ready and then I dressed into my riding clothes and off I went on a bike ride.  I drove to the Foothills Trailhead in Sumner and started my ride.  I headed towards Orting and continued on to South Prairie and then to Wilkeson.  After reaching the town of Wilkeson I headed back.  I stopped at the Orting Bakery on my return trip for a coffee and one of their fine toffee crunch cookies.  Refreshed I got back on my bike and finished off the last 8 miles of the ride.  Although it was sunny, with a warm sun beating down on me, the air that was blowing into me (yes a headwind) was "arctic" cold.  I'm happy that I rode today because the weather is taking a drastic turn beginning tomorrow.  They are calling for snow, AGAIN!  Yes, rain mixed with snow.  Hopefully it will not be as bad as they are reporting especially for Sunday as I have a ride to lead.  Here are a few pictures that I took on today's ride . . . 
 Bridge that will be part of the Foothills Trail. Connecting South Prairie to Wilkeson.

 A neat old barn on AP Tubbs Road.
Coffee and cookie break at the Orting Bakery on the way back.

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