Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Is Going to be a Great Year!

I'm really excited about this year!  I'm back on my bike, I'm a ride leader, I'm doing the GR2R South End series rides and after this series ends I am helping out with creating rides in the Pierce County area for CBC.  And I've signed up to finally ride the RSVP, one ride I have been wanting to ride for years but never gotten around to it.  I've done the Daffodil Classic, the Chilly Hilly, the May Day Metric, the Flying Wheels, the STP, RAMROD, and many many other big event rides but the RSVP has eluded me all these years but finally this will be the year!

Besides my bike riding I have been doing a lot of archery with my husband.  This is another pass time I truly enjoy.  And I'm getting pretty good at it too.  Last year I shot three Robin Hoods!  A term given to two arrows shot end to end, the second arrow embedded into the rear of the first. Happens rarely, so the arrows are usually kept as a trophy.  And I have all three of mine!  Here are pictures of two of my Robin Hoods . . .

Here's to a great year of cycling and archery!  

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