Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Bike Ride

Today the sun came out! Yes, the sun! But even so the temperature was only in the upper 30s. Even though it was very very cold, that sun was just too inviting. Plus it has been such a long time since I was on my road bike. So Joe, Jackie, and I decided to go for a ride on the Orting Trail. We left the house at 1:30, late enough in the day to give the sun time to warm things up. We dressed warmly; you know layers, warm riding gloves, booties, all those good warm things! We started our ride a little before 2:00 PM. At the start we were naturally very cold but once our legs started pumping we warmed up nicely. The sun felt wonderful. The ride was perfect. We had a great ride on a beautiful but cold day! We did not regret our decision to ride. After our ride we stopped at Starbucks and treated ourselves to some warm drinks. They were delicious!

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