Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend of Mountain Biking

Weekend recap . . .
On Saturday, October 6th Joe and I helped our club with "Take a Kid Mountain Biking". We had 30 kids sign up. We divided the kids into small groups according to ride ability and assigned adults to each group. We had fun! Both the kids and the adults! We had some gutsy kids too. We found a steep hill and the kids all went for it. We stayed at the hill well over half an hour. Going down and then climbing back up to only go down again. After the ride we went back to the staging area where we grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs. We had assorted chips and an ice chest full of sodas. After lunch we went and watched some awesome demonstrations of jumps and bike tricks by some pretty talented and well coordinated riders. No rain just lots of fun!

On Sunday Joe and I went out alone to ride. We had a blast at Lake Sawyer. The trails were great. The ride sweet. Didn't want to see it end. Again no rain!!!! Great weekend!

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Mr. Flarity said...

Cool video! I'm going to have to link one of those someday. Cycling addict indeed! I prefer the motorized ones myself. Go right ahead and share my blog with anyone you like!