Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Beautiful Day!

What more can a person ask for? Two beautiful weekend days! Yesterday a fun mountain bike ride and today a great road ride. Joe and I waited until the temperature got a little warmer. It was only 31 degrees F when we woke up at 8:00 AM. So we waited until the sun had a chance to do it's thing and it sure didn't let us down. Around 11 AM it was in the mid 50s. Perfect! We drove to our favorite starting spot for a nice 20 mile ride. I think I over dressed a bit because I was sweating 10 minutes into the ride.

The day was absolutely picture perfect. We rode through the back roads of Enumclaw's farm country. The trees were decked out in all their gorgeous fall foliage. Mount Rainier was out and white as a white snow cone. There was no traffic, no headwind, just a nice steady ride with beautiful scenery for a backdrop. I did not want it to end. How often (especially here in the pacific northwest in the fall/winter) do you get two back to back gorgeous days on a weekend?!

What a weekend!

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