Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Good Days

On Tuesday the weather was great. After work it was in the mid 80s. When I got home I changed quickly into my cycling clothes, grabbed my road bike and headed out the garage for a 30 mile ride. On Wednesday it was cooler, only in the 70s, my daughter talked me into climbing Mount Peak. That is one hellacious hike! It's very very very verticle! Climbers preparing for Mount Rainier climbs or summer hiking come here to begin their fitness program. If that climb doesn't kill your legs nothing will. Great for getting the old legs back in shape. And great for your cardiovascular system. I was huffing and puffing one minute into the climb. You start climbing the moment your feet hit the trail! And the pay off, the most fantastic view from on top. I'll have to take my camera along next time. But that's extra weight . . . hmmmmm. LOL And the descent is just as hard. You are constantly braking and fighting gravity. Quite the workout! I will add this into my fitness regime. One day road cycling, one day climbing, and one day mountain biking. I should be fit as a fiddle by July!

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