Saturday, May 12, 2007

30 Mile Ride

Today Joe and I left our house a little past 10:00 AM for a road ride. We headed down the long winding hill behind Sky Island into the Orting Valley. We rode through Orting and headed towards South Prairie where, at a little over 18 miles, we stopped at a coffee stand for mochas and cookies. We parked our bikes in the bike stand and sat underneath a nice shady gazeebo and enjoyed our drinks and cookies. Refreshed we got back on our bikes and began the long long winding climb out of the valley back to the top of hill. We had a terrible headwind for the fist 18 miles but once we crested the hill it seemed to die down a bit. But when we turned onto Old Sumner Buckley Hwy it was waiting for us! Undaunted we cycled on and returned home tired but very happy that we got a nice 30 miler in this afternoon.

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