Monday, April 23, 2007

What a Day!

It was a typical spring day. It began with clouds, mist, and the temperature a tad bit chilly. But as the day went on the weather improved . . . and changed continually throughout the day. When I first woke I looked out the window and thought to myself what an ugly day to ride. So I hung around the house, went to the store, came back, when my husband and daughter got up we went out for coffee, came back, hubby had work he had to do, daughter had things to do so I went on the computer for a bit. As I was typing something to my friend I looked out the window and noticed breaks in the clouds. Blue sky showing through and the sun appearing. I decided right then to ride the Daffodil Classic straight from my house!

It was 1:30 when I left my driveway. I picked up the upper loop of the Daffodil Classic about a half a mile from my home and headed down into Orting, about 12 miles away. I arrived in Orting, which is the start of the ride, and was amazed at all the cyclists in town. And the weather just kept getting better and better. The sign in was closed. Oh well, I guess I would just ride and enjoy the day. Most people were finishing up and here I was just starting. But the weather at 1:30 was a lot more pleasant than it was at 7:30.

Enthusiastically, I continued on. I left Orting and headed towards South Prairie and then up the STEEP climb into Buckley. At mile 25 I was famished. Only bringing water I decided to stop at Wally's Drive In and ordered a hamburger and ice tea. That burger was delicious! It was the best burger I have ever had! Refreshed and feeling much better I got back on my bike and pedaled through beautiful farm country. Passing pastures full of cows grazing contentedly and meadow larks flying and singing cheerfully. Finally, I was at the edge of Bonney Lake and soon would be near my neighborhood. I did a little loop around a peninsula and watched quads racing in the muddy bottom of Lake Tapps. In another month it will be full of water again for the summer season. Finally, I was home. I'm glad I decided to go out and ride. It was one of best rides I have had this year. I slept soundly last night. I'm looking forward to more rides just like the one I just had. I rank this ride A++++

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