Saturday, March 05, 2011

100k Spring Populaire

My back is feeling much better. Thank goodness! Today I did the 100k Spring Populaire put on by the Seattle International Randonneurs. I finally met Don aka raleighdon. His wife Mimi I've met before on a ride with a bunch of team estrogen ladies. The ride yesterday was hard. The course began in Woodinville in a park just a block away from the Redhook Brewery. We cycled north then south towards Carnation. If you've never done the course it's a wake up call especially for people out of shape. Tons of rollers and two big hill climbs. The last climb is 20 miles from the finish and it's a long three mile hike up out of the Carnation valley. It's the same hill climb on the Flying Wheels Summer Century. When I climbed it last June it was a piece of cake but today it was a total bitch excuse the language, because right now I am so out of shape. I'm surprised I finished. On the climb up my quads began to cramp horribly (and painfully). I had to stop five times or more to massage the cramps away but when I got back on my bike and pushed they would cramp again. I finally made it to the top and was thankful that was the last big climb of the day. With only 17 miles left to the finish I was determined to see it to the end.

But I did enjoy the scenic route that was picked for today's spring populaire in spite of my suffering lol. Lots of farms with scenic country views, mountain, and rivers to enjoy. Low traffic roads for 90% of the ride. It's going to become one of my favorite routes even with the hills and rollers once I get back in shape. The temperature was in the mid to upper 40s with sunshine and clouds. A little headwind coming through the Carnation valley farmlands.

The stop in Carnation at Sandy's Espresso was wonderful. Lots of time to mix and chat with other people, get a hot mocha and a raspberry scone, fill my water bottles, get a real bathroom break, and relax for 15 minutes before continuing on with the big hill coming up and only 28 miles left to do.

This ride gives me number two in my quest to complete 12 consecutive 100k rides this year to earn my P12 award from the randonneurs. So 2 down and 10 to go! They should get easier as time goes on.

Mimi and me before the start of the ride.

Happy to be on my bike on a great ride.

Majestic spectator along Lake Sammamish.
Control in Carnation at Sandy's Espresso.
The start of the 3 mile climb on the Issaquah Fall City Road.
Don and Mimi with matching socks. Aren't they a cute couple?! :)
Along Lake Sammamish. Look at that sky! It was a glorious day!
The finish at the Redhook Brewery. Don, Mimi, and me.
Mimi and me with our hard earned 100k pins.


mimi torchia boothby watercolors said...

maybe for the next 100 I will ride my single bike and you will leave me in the dirt. There was no way that I could have done that ride that quickly without Mr Raleighdon engine in the front.
Nice pictures. :-)

Sue said...

Oh please Mimi as the days get longer and warmer and our time on the bike increases you will no doubt get better and better too. Both of us will definitely improve as the season grows but of course we will never catch up to Raleighdon. He's a machine.

I read on FB that you two are going to Italy in September! How wonderful and did I read it correctly . . . RD is going to do a 800 mile ride across Italy? Wow! One of these days I will have to make a trip to Italy too. My grandfather came over with his parents in 1898 from Calabria. He was only 9 years old. In New York on Elis Island my sister found my grandfather's information. She took pictures and I have them somewhere. Yep, I want to go to Italy and also Japan. My mom is Japanese and from Tokyo. Her entire family is over there. Some day.