Friday, August 29, 2008

Gray Clouds and Wind But I Beat the Rain!

I wanted to get an early ride in today but other things popped up all morning long. Finally at 1:30 I got the opportunity and off I went. The noon weather report said rain this afternoon and looking at the clouds I agreed that yes indeed it was going to rain. They were big, gray, and fat! Probably filled with rain! And the wind was really strong too. The clouds were moving right along. I could see spots of blue but then the gray clouds would blot it out. I wanted to get 30 miles in but at mile 10 the clouds were getting darker and the wind was really starting to blow. I decided to turn around and head back. Right into a headwind. Even though the return ride was all downhill I had to pedal hard to maintain my speed. I made it back. It never rained. It's still cloudy and windy but still no rain. Probably later this evening. Oh well I did get 20 miles. Better than nothing!

I did notice on today's ride leaves all over the trail and road. Autumn?! Already?!

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