Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Far . . . A Great Weekend!

This has been a great weekend because the weather finally got nice! A tad bit chilly but beautiful otherwise. Yesterday Joe and I got a nice ride in and today we got another nice ride in. When we began our ride this morning the first 10 miles were the hardest. That was because the temperature at the start was only 38 degrees fahrenheit! My face was numb and cold! But around the tenth mile I finally began to feel warm and toasty. My working muscles were putting out some heat and the ride became enjoyable. We weren't the only bicyclist out either. We saw quite a few. All like us taking advantage of the sunshine and lack of rain and wind. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too and then on Tuesday the rain returns. I'm off tomorrow for President's Day but Joe has to work. Too bad because I would like to get one more ride in this long weekend. Maybe I can still get a ride in tomorrow. I could ride the local trail. Better than nothing.

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